Nov 22, 2020

Getting Transparent: The Cannabis Consultant, Scary Stories and GMP Tips

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

CEO of Allay Cannabis Consulting, Kim Stuck, joins the TagOne podcast to discuss GMP’s and sheds light on the cannabis industry from her personal experience.

In Getting Transparent's newest episode, The Cannabis Consultant: Scary Stories and GMP Tips, guest Kim Stuck of Allay Consulting discusses her beginnings in the cannabis industry, her experience as a cannabis and hemp inspector for Denver County, and why she chose to start her own consulting firm. As the cannabis industry is still new and highly unregulated, Kim shares some shocking stories about GMP and OSHA violations, as well as large recalls that she has handled personally in her experience.

One thing that Stuck urges all listeners involved in this industry to do is to test (20:27). Test ingredients. Test soil. Test everything up to the end product. While many of these tests still aren’t mandatory, doing so can mitigate the risk of GMP and other violations that are all too common in her experience. This is crucial, not only for cannabis producers, but consumers as well. Despite what many would like to believe, much of the CBD and hemp product found on the shelf lacks quality and is still filled with unnatural ingredients. Instead, consumers should seek products that are verified as organic, use natural ingredients and complete regular testing procedures.

As both an auditor and consultant in this industry, Kim gives insight that should not be missed! You can access the full episode and subscribe wherever you listen to your podcasts, or visit