Joe Witte

Feb 26, 2020

TagOne Presents at US Hemp Expo

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

"Winning the Quality Game: Leveraging Blockchain from Seed to Sale"

Joe Witte, VP of Ecosystems and Partnerships, was requested to speak at the US Hemp Expo held in Minneapolis on February 25, 2020. With more than 500 in attendance, including industry leaders Kadenwood and Bish Enterprises, Joe tackled the topic of managing product quality using modern technology.

Joe Witte, VP of TagOne, presents at US Hemp Expo 2020

"Right now, it's impossible to distinguish healthy brands that are properly labeled with the correct amount of CBD from the gas station brands concocted in someone's garage. This is hurting the whole industry. And as a result, we need tight GMP's and the right system to show documentation, and product provenance from seed to sale," says Witte.

Witte also discussed how blockchain can play a role in data immutability, and what companies should look for when they select a system to help them grow.

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