TagOne’s mobile solution empowers consumers to access the source, science, safety and stories on the natural products they are putting in their bodies. Transparency readily available via QR code solutions. 


with consumers

TagOne:Connect is an iOS mobile application that allows you to connect with consumers and highlight your transparency efforts with a simple QR code scan. Far too often, companies who are “doing it right” using best practices have faced competitors who are solely price driven. Now, with TagOne:Connect, your companies Good Manufacturing Practices and commitment to sustainability will be embraced by concerned consumers. Our mobile application and QR code system is easy to customize allowing you to build brand loyalty while empowering consumers with content that was previously unavailable.

As CBD products are increasingly required to provide product quality information using QR codes, TagOne is an easy to implement, affordable solution that simplifies the process and can connect with your supply chain. 

Key features include:

  • Compatible as an iOS mobile application or standard QR code reader that directs to a mobile responsive browser. 

  • Website friendly version for e-commerce (web only) sales channels.

  • Simple user interface. 

“ Nearly eight out of ten consumers are likely to pay more for supplements from a transparent company,”

— Yadim Medore, Founder & CEO, Pure Branding

    Source: Pure Branding, The ROI of Transparency, 2018

Product Features Include:

Supplement Traceability to Source
  • ­Provides a summarized graphical representation of the Ingredient movement from global sources. This information provides consumers with confidence in what they are buying and a connection with the farmers who grew it.

Supplement Facts
  • ­Share detailed product descriptions including nutritional information, ingredients, benefits, dosage and more.

Beyond the Label Information
  • ­Manufacturers and Brand Owners can now share unique information such as unique product stories, detailed ingredient quality, connections to non-profits and more.

Certificate of Analysis and Critical Quality Information
  • ­Gain consumer trust by sharing product quality information be it via a summarized or a detailed Co

Social Connect
  • ­Directly connect with your favorite social platform to get or share information about specific supplement products.

  • Platforms currently included are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & YouTube


Home Screen

iOS Mobile application also works with standard QR code reader and a mobile friendly website page. 

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