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Farm to table traceability solutions

TagOne Cultivate

TagOne Cultivate is set up to easily capture farmer, farm and crop information at the inception of the supply chain. It is a critical component of TagOne's solution suite ensuring comprehensive seed to sale supply chain integration.

Helping You Capture
Information From The Farm

TagOne Cultivate is a cloud and mobile solution with pre-built drop down values that makes it easy for your farming partners to collect operational and crop data and have the information automatically integrate into your supply chain system. Capturing information at the inception enables you to have complete visibility in your ingredient quality, and build customer trust in your product.

Our team of supply chain and technology experts, with the support of partners such as SSCI (supplement Safety Compliance Initiative) have selected the most relevant crop features and helping you validate crop attributes using GFSI standards.

TagOne Cutivate
TagOne team in coffee fields

Product Features


  • Simple to use UI with pre-built drop downs to ensure easy usage

  • Auto-generates unique identifiers such as lot numbers

  • Barcode generation and printing capabilities

  • GPS identifies harvest location

  • Capture photos of crops and other key attributes

  • Operates online and offline and will automatically upload data straight to your TagOne Enterprise dashboard

  • A pre-populated plant database helps growers verify crop variety before shipment

  • Fully integrated with TagOne Enterprise

  • Blockchain integrated

  • Custom fields available for hemp/ CBD, herbal supplements and natural grown foods (coffee, honey, etc.)

What Information Is Captured?

TagOne Cultivate captures over 100 attributes related to the crop, farmer and the farm. These attributes include:

  • Farm details (location, type, etc.)

  • Farmer background and story

  • Crop management

    • Seed, Annual/Perennial, irrigation, soil info, fertilizer, location, date, etc.  

  • Greenhouse Info

  • Harvest/Picking details

    • Water quantity, Tools used, quantity, date.

  • Post harvesting

    • Cleaning, drying, surface, date.

  • Testing information (metals, pesticides, CofA's and THC for hemp)

  • Sale transaction

  • Validate product sale compared to plant database

Food Supply Chain Traceability technology

Home Screen

User friendly screens capture key farming data (crop, harvest, post-harvest, sale)

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