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TagOne Engage

TagOne’s mobile solution empowers consumers to access the source, science, safety and stories on the natural products they are putting in their bodies. Transparency readily available via QR code solutions.

Digital Consumer Engagement

Engage allows you to share critical information with consumers, retailers and regulators on their mobile device (via QR code) or your website with an easy to integrate widget. 


TagOne helps you share critical information including:

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Ingredient Details

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Social Media & Sharing

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Product Safety:
CofA & Certifications

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Ingredient Source & Traceability


Company Stories w/ Videos & Photos

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Shopping Cart to Repurchase

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Lot Number and Expiration Date


Recall Capabilities

Experience the Power of Engage

Point of Purchase Differentiation

Did You Know?

With Retailers and Consumers

Improve your pitch with buyers to gain shelf space

Improve retailer product knowledge so they can sell your product effectively


Place your QR code on your packaging to customer build loyalty


Engage consumers with videos, product photos, recipes and deeper ingredient information

37% of buyers said they would switch brands if another brand shared more detailed information


71% stated that the full list of ingredients is most important when they make food purchase decisions

Source: “The Label Insight Food Revolution studies from 2016 & 2018”

TagOne Engage

Mobile Capabilities

Radical Transparency

TagOne Engage Demo


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Company + Product Information

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Social Media + E Commerce

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Digital Innovation

Building Trust with Website Visitors

  • Add a transparency widget on your website to allow customers to search by product and lot number to gather all the critical information you want to share


  • Our Content Management System allows consumers to see a map identifying where your ingredients came from


  • Have a quick “Certificate of Analysis” lookup for consumers, professionals, and regulators


  • Share unique product data and if needed, safety and recall information

QR Code Transparency
QR Code Food Traceability
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Food QR Code Technology
Food QR Code Technology
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