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Traceability Management System


Our cloud based Traceability Management System supports your natural product and food company looking to streamline supply chain operations, address regulatory and quality challenges and accurately track and trace your ingredients.  

Supply Chain Management Software

Enterprise is the core of TagOne's Traceability Management System and is built on custom modules for typical partner roles in the natural product supply chain network. ​​


These modules have been built based on the core transactions performed and ensures we help you capture transaction data across your supply chain:

  • Grower/Farmer

  • Consolidator/ Wholesaler

  • Processor

  • Importer

  • Manufacturer

  • Brand Owner

  • Distributer

Key Features Include:

Master Data Management-min.webp

Document and Master
Data Management

  • Supplier on-boarding documentation as per FSVP and other global standards

  • Centralized supplier, customer, product & lot master data ensures strict process controls

  • Manage key product specific documentation in one place including Allergen/GMO/Organic/ Kosher/Halal/other certificates, MSDS etc

  • Receive product & document expiration alerts to avoid using unsafe ingredients, wasting materials or replenishing inventory


Centralized Regulatory Repository

  • Single source of truth of truth for all your regulatory, quality and operational data

  • TagOne reporting cockpit provides you with multiple pre-built reports covering  traceability, supplier qualifications, transaction history, quality, document expiry etc.

  • Respond to FDA, executive or other queries in just a click with easy access to critical information

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Transaction and Inventory Management Across the Supply Chain

  • Address key business transactions like recieving, processing, manufacturing and shipping via TagOne

  • Automated receiving for deliveries from suppliers within your network using TagOne's workflow engine

  • Integrated Inventory reporting to track available stock and ensure tight controls between receiving, manufacturing and shipping functions

  • Attach all relevant records for a specific product as it moves down the supply chain, including Certificate of Analysis (CoA) or other reports

Quality -min.webp

Ingredient Quality


Recall & Returns


  • Capture ingredient quality information with each transaction - every transfer of ownership or transformation event (CoA, Phytosanitary report or other)

  • Ensure product quality is approved by QA at every receiving and shipping transaction using TagOne's automated quality workflow engine

  • Store one time product quality information in the product document repository

  • Address product recalls in minutes with TagOne's workflow-based system that has integrated custom recall templates

  • Receive and organize customer returns easily using the RMA trigger functionality

traceability (1)-min.webp

Ingredient Traceability from
Seed to Shelf

  • Track and trace ingredients back to their source using our unique product identifier and lot number based algorithm

  • Use TagOne's proprietary Visual Map tool to get a pictorial view of seed to shelf traceability in an instant  

Traceability Cloud solutions

Analytics and Reporting with TagOne's Reporting Cockpit


An important aspect to any technology solution is providing business leaders and regulators with critical information so they can identify trends and make strategic decisions. With legacy solutions, gathering information is time intensive and inaccurate. TagOne’s analytics will provide insights and reports on categories including:

  • Regulatory reporting

    • Seed to Shelf traceability Visual Map

    • Downloadable traceability report for audits including supplier, Lot#, date, location etc.

    • FSVP related supplier verification reporting

    • Product and supplier documentation

  • Inventory Reporting

    • Shipments sent and received

    • Products available in stock

  • Operations Reporting

    • Get transactions history by Product type/
      Supplier/Buyer/Lot Number

    • Awaiting QA - receiving/shipping transactions

    • Open tasks

    • Document expirations flags

  • Quality management

    • One time product documentation

    • Transaction quality reporting (CoA's/other)

    • QC approved/rejected status

    • Receiving & shipping quality check

  • Document Search

    • Check both one time and/or transaction specific document using the Doc search capabilities. 

    • Search by doc type/group/category/date/supplier/ customer/location/version etc.

  • Audit Log

    • Check details of every transactions by every user to ensure errors  are tracked by to source​

  E2E Supply Chain visual at a button click

  • The TagOne VisualMap™ is a unique solution that enables visibility of the entire supply chain by entering the product name and its unique Lot number.

  • Option of choosing a Graphical View or Tabular View of the Visual Map

  Dramatically reduce time on Traceability ​

  • Address product traceability questions in minutes including FDA Audits

  • Leveraging the TagOne workflow engine is able to address Recall management communication and reports quickly

  • Easy of use - No more waiting for days & going through troves of documents to figure out product traceability  

  Filter based on multiple criteria


  • Lot Number

  • Supplier Name

  • Transaction Date

  • Location

 Increase revenue & reduce cost with VisualMap™

  • Increase your customer confidence by sharing VisualMap™ access. More trust = Higher Sale

  • Companies enabling supply chain transparency to end customers will own the future

  • Make better buying decisions using Supply Chain visibility = Reduce Cost

New Era of Smarter Food Safety traceability software

TagOne Visual Map™

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