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Traceability SaaS technologies

The Future Of The
Supply Chain

By using Industry Best Practices, the latest technologies, and Global Data Standards to ensure interoperability across systems enabling comprehensive supply chain transparency.

Our best-in-class software suite will elevate your organization as a leader in the natural products sector. We will help you to capture critical data, connect with your partners, and report the results.


Collecting accurate and timely information is imperative to provide your company with agility and confidence. Our mobile and cloud solutions are customized with your business in mind and capture data across the supply chain from seed to shelf. Critical "capture" features include:

  • Custom modules built specifically for your organizational role in the global supply chain network (ie, grower, processor, importer, distributer, manufacturer, brand owner, retailer).

  • Central master data controls enforcing tight process standards delivering clean data results.

    • Master data solution for: ingredients, products, suppliers and customers

  • Comprehensive supplier on-boarding process and record of all transactions in one place.

  • Capture and record of all transactions like receiving, manufacturing (including recipe management), shipping etc.

  • Quality certifications linked to each product and transaction.

  • Automated Receiving & Shipping notifications within your TagOne network using our workflow engine.

Farm to table traceability technologies
Seed to sale traceability solutions


TagOne allows you easily capture data, keep it "clean", and also seamlessly connect with your suppliers (and ultimately, their suppliers) so you have a clear picture of who you are working with, what you've received, and what happened to it. Here's how our unique technology helps:

  • Proprietary algorithm ensures ingredient movement is seamlessly linked from seed to shelf.

  • Our Hyperledger blockchain framework ensures data immutability, ensuring that all of your data is clean and changes are recorded.

  • Private network allows you to control who sees your data.

  • Built in recall and return feature simplifies the process, saving significant time and cost.


TagOne's reporting engine provides comprehensive data reporting in order to comprehensive supply chain data, empowering your executive and supply chain team to run your business more efficiently. Key points to note:

  • Proprietary Visual Map™ provides a pictorial view of your product’s life cycle from a seed to shelf

  • TagOne reporting cockpit providing key data analytics across the supply chain - Inventory, transaction history, supplier performance, ingredient traceability, FDA chain of custody report in pdf/xls.

  • Regulatory repository covering key FSVP & FSMA needs – single source of truth

Supply Chain Management Software
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