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Our Technology

TagOne has been built on the latest technologies including Blockchain, IoT, AI and the Cloud.

TagOne's integrated supply chain platform is built on four key technology pillars:

TagOne uses Smart Devices to capture key transaction data from upstream partners anywhere in the world using custom apps

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Smart Devices

We then share this data instantly on a 24x7 global cloud infrastructure using AWS

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Cloud Computing

Ensure that data captured is secure and relevant by permanently recording it on our blockchain platform using Hyperledger, an industry leading open source blockchain framework. 

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We are working with our partners and using AI for product verifications as ingredients move through the supply chain and undergo multiple change of ownerships and transformations  

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Artificial Intelligence

And How Does It Impact Supply Chain Management?

Blockchain technology

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is an encrypted decentralized cloud based ledger that preserves all transactional information. Blockchain technology supports Supply Chain Management by:


  • Identifying data tampering- ensuring information integrity

  • Providing an authentic, transparent audit trail

  • Exposing rogue actors who may introduce diversions or fake information impacting product safety and economic adulteration

  • Eliminating arduous record reconciliation during business discrepancies

  • Identifying global natural product supply imbalances

Blockchain technology
End to End Traceability software

Why TagOne?

Business leaders are often faced with the choice of building a tech solution, customizing an imperfect alternative software, or working with a platform like TagOne. Here are some considerations prior to making your next IT investment: ​

  • Your business requirements have already been developed into a comprehensive solution by experts on the subject and available on Tap for you

  • Eliminate costs and effort related to hiring advisors/experts and building a custom solution that may not be scalable & may get obsolete very quickly

  • Subscription based service means minimum commitment if you want to move in a different direction in the future

  • In addition eliminate infrastructure and ongoing maintenance costs on systems that may not be your area of competency 

  • TagOne is available on both mobile and desktop versions that makes adaption easy

  • TagOne can easily bolt onto your existing ERP or other systems

  • Our team of Traceability, Supply Chain, Logistics and technology experts have decades of industry expertise and have spent several years in building our platform