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Supply Chain Transparency technologies

We Help Companies Who Want To Do The Right Thing

At TagOne we are dedicated to connecting global supply chains, driving transparency, and enabling a healthier tomorrow.

It takes all of us

The TagOne team has always been driven by the vision of global, inter-connected supply chains, across industries and across borders. This is because we believe that a key expectation from tomorrow's global food, health and beauty supply chain will be 100% transparency. And our job is to put you on that path today.


For over five years, we’ve been turning this vision into reality by building out our award winning, SaaS based, BlockChain enabled TagOne solution suite, from scratch. This unique traceability management system delivers comprehensive seed-to-sale transparency to the food and natural products supply chains.

When we started designing our solution, we were clear that whatever we made would need to cover the last mile as well as it did the first. The last mile addresses a key part of why we are in this business. One of TagOne’s goals is to empower end consumers with comprehensive product data before making their purchase decision. Before purchasing, regular folks like us should have the means to easily get detailed information about the product we are buying to put in or on their bodies, at the point of sale. That is what TagOne Engage, our last mile solution was built for.

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However, this last mile solution is heavily dependent on what happens before in the supply chain, at the manufacturers, processors, distributors, wholesalers etc. That’s why we built TagOne Enterprise, the working engine of the TagOne solution suite. Enterprise does the heavy lifting across the supply chain and connects each link as a product/ingredient moves through the supply chain from one business partner to the other. Enterprise is flexible and has the ability to function the way you want. Capture the most detailed product attributes as they move through the supply chain or just track a few basic attributes to ensure traceability. TagOne Enterprise was built to address the industry’s core supply chain traceability requirements and enable companies to easily address traceability regulations, recalls & returns (in addition to ensuring improved operational controls via enhanced supplier visibility), more detailed product quality data or other.

TagOne Enterprise also helps us address big industry questions on sustainability. Sustainability can’t just be about the last mile, how the big food manufacturer runs their operations optimally and has done a great job with carbon emissions, other greenhouse gasses, energy consumption, water usage etc, at the facility packaging the final food product. That’s all great information, but the sustainability performance for that food item (for example) is the sum of the sustainability performance of all the suppliers, including processors, distributors, farmers etc. 

We need to close the supply chain loop and address the first mile data capture, typically at the farm. To do this, we built the TagOne Cultivate solution after traveling the globe with farming experts and talking to dozens of farmers first hand. Cultivate is a comprehensive tool for farmers to capture everyday farming data in order to run their farm operations more efficiently. For us, it also ensures that we are able to capture the supply chain linkages right at the start of the product life cycle. That’s the only way we can ensure comprehensive traceability from seed-to-sale.


The sustainability challenge upon us

We believe there is no chance at real sustainability without proper traceability. At TagOne, we have a running joke whenever we see any claim “…Show me the data”. And that’s exactly what we enable companies to do. In an era where quite a bit of green claims are being thrown around, it will continue to be the response from consumers faced with the modern conundrum of ambiguous global supply chains and tall claims. We love that corporations are now taking an active interest in taking steps to minimize the externalities of their impact, and believe the logical first step to set clear sustainability goals followed by doing an internal assessment on how much of the data needed to support these goals are already available vs can be made available if we try vs difficult to collect. 

The obvious challenge around collecting trustworthy sustainability data across your supply chain, is how well you can engage with your suppliers and they with their suppliers, and on and on. And engaging both from a relationship and a system integration/data sharing point of view. Even with strong relationships, sustainability programs have fallen apart because there’s been little agreement on what specific metrics need to be tracked.  ‌And how can one improve if there is no reference point for comparison? The good news is that although these are early days, there are many certification organizations that have stepped up with different ways of framing good practices and bad practices.


At the end of the day, it all comes back to how well sustainability data is captured and collated across the supply chain, at each step, and presented in one seamless view that shows you performance from seed-to-sale. That's where TagOne comes in, ensuring data linkages across the supply chain and its role as a central repository, a single source of truth, for the data points necessary to satisfy those certification standards, and offering consumers the eco-friendly products they are actively seeking.

‌Leveraging TagOne, companies can collect data at every Critical Tracking Event for every Key Data Element to create true supply chain transparency and visibility, and allow management to not only calculate their environment impact, but be better empowered to make the decisions. This data can be used to not only streamline processes, but also optimize them, and use that data to drive consumer engagement to build brand trust. And accountability is really what sustainability is all about: Taking responsibility for the externalities of your supply chain.

Consumers are asking for it. Be amongst the first to give it.

TagOne CEO-Trinanjan Gupta

Trinanjan Gupta (TJ)

Co-founder & CEO

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Manish Gupta-CTO

Manish Gupta

Co-founder & CTO

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Track & trace visionaries

TagOne is a technology solutions company 100% focused on cutting-edge supply chain transparency solutions that were co-founded by TJ Gupta and Manish Gupta (no relation). TagOne consists of recognized thought leaders in the supply chain “track and trace” sector supporting industries including food, pharmaceutical, natural products, and retail. Our team has spoken at various forums on the topic of supply chain transparency using blockchain at events, including Nature Expo West, Supply Side West, GS1 Connect, Council for Responsible Nutrition Leadership Summit, and NBJ Annual Summit.


For more than a decade, our global team has provided expertise for enterprises including J&J, Bristol Myers Squibb, Roche, and AmerisourceBergen. In 2017 we co-developed a mobile solution with an industry leader in the dietary supplement industry and launched our blockchain-enabled supply chain management solution “TagOne Enterprise” in 2018. 


Our team supports our customers by understanding the requirements necessary to help you achieve your objectives, integrating our cloud-based solutions, and providing ongoing training and advisory services.

Our Leaders
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