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We use Industry Best Practice Processes, the latest technologies, and Global Data Standards to enable interoperability across systems and ensuring comprehensive supply chain transparency.

Traceability begins here

TagOne’s solution suite comprises of three core modules that seamlessly link your supply chain from seed2sale, providing you with comprehensive transparency.

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Lack of transparency is severely affecting consumer health & trust

A lack of transparency in the Food, Health & Beauty supply chains has negatively impacted consumer health and trust, and it's been getting worse each year. This has led to two key industry impacts 1) An increasingly skeptical and demanding consumer and 2) Stringent industry regulations like the 2022 Food Traceability rule, due to a highly concerned FDA.

Given these changes, a fundamental expectation from tomorrow's global supply chains will be 100% transparency. Companies that quickly embrace this new reality by adjusting their mindset, work culture, processes, and systems will be the winners, while those who don't will become irrelevant. Our job is to put you on that path today.

A strong traceability program is key to comprehensive transparency and will provide benefits way beyond just compliance. It can transform your business in ways that will help you stay ahead of the competition. 

Manage business risk

Industry Regulations

Address different regulations like FSMA 204, FSVP, and Others


Brand Protection

Class action lawsuits, recalls & returns, FDA 483 warnings, and others


Improve operational efficiencies

Supply Chain Visibility

Improve supply chain visibility, integrate key supplier functions & track supplier performance


Product Safety & Quality

Leverage granular data-sets and tools to run daily operations better and ensure your end-product is top quality and safe


Operational Controls

Ensure right people are in the right jobs with full accountability

Create stronger brand value

Trusted "Brand"

Stand out from the crowd and create a strong & trusted brand by sharing unique and detailed company & product info


Trust Across Supply Chain

Provide granular transparency info with a "Nothing to Hide" approach with customers. Help drive a feeling of trust across the supply chain


Track environmental footprint

Sustainability KPIs

Have the power to track sustainability metrics across the supply chain, not just the last mile


Circular Supply Chains

Support circular economies with the ability to track a product across multiple life cycles


Linking your product's journey,
from Seed2Sale

The TagOne Solution Suite comprises of three core modules, TagOne Cultivate, TagOne Enterprise, and TagOne Engage, covering your supply chain from the first mile to the last.


Capture first-mile data at the source

Capturing information at the inception enables you to have complete visibility in your ingredient quality, and build customer trust in your product.

With a focus on ease of use, TagOne Cultivate has been built in collaboration with industry experts and tested on farms across the globe. With pre-built drop down values, our mobile or desktop solution makes it easy for your farming partners to collect operational data across the crop cycle and n fully integrate that information into your supply chain system.

TagOne Cultivate


TagOne Enterprise

Optimize your supply chain by linking business partners

Our mission is to enable comprehensive transparency across global supply chains in the Food & Beverage, Health & Beauty, and other industries with our blockchain-enabled suite of tech-traceability solutions.

We are helping companies drive higher accountability across their supply chains, resulting in safer products, better operational efficiencies, a cleaner environmental footprint, and a more empowered consumer.

A key expectation from tomorrow's global food and natural products supply chain will be 100% transparency. Our job is to put you on that path today.


Don’t just tell your
product’s story, show it

Connect with consumers and highlight your transparency efforts. Far too often, companies who are “doing it right” using best-in-class practices have faced competitors who are solely price driven.

TagOne Engage is our live QR code solution that is perfect for when you want to share your transparency initiatives that are required to provide the safety, source and science behind your product.

TagOne Engage
Our Solutions

It's time you considered a traceability project

Companies today realize that comprehensive supply chain traceability is no longer a "nice to have" but a "must have" for two main reasons. First, the upcoming FDA Food traceability rule (FSMA 204) is causing massive risks for non-compliant companies, as they won't be allowed to run their business after Jan 20, 2026. Yikes!


Second, companies are finding that being tightly integrated with their suppliers and taking control of their supply chain is a massive business differentiator that can keep them one step ahead of their competition. Via traceability initiatives, companies are being able to drive stronger operational and quality controls, improved efficiencies, enhanced brand value, and greater control over their environmental performance across the product life cycle. And much more.

Meet FSMA 204 requirements

  • One-click FDA reporting in seconds

  • 100% coverage of all in-scope CTEs/KDEs

  • Low-cost options for smaller companies

  • Optional compliance+ functionality available - recalls & returns, audit logs, e2e traceability reports and more

  • Traceability advisory across project life cycle

Enhance your supply chain transparency

  • Control your supply chain by connecting it from seed-to-sale, one link at a time

  • Enhanced supplier visibility & traceability across product life cycle ensures op’s efficiency & improved product quality

  • Share relevant transparency info with your customers to create unique brand value

  • Make suppliers accountable for their ESG performance via closely tracked metrics

Dr. Anand Swaroop

"Our industry is based on a deep bond of trust between consumer and seller. To keep a buyer's trust intact, ingredient quality must be backed up by reliable, transparent data and a system to manage it. TagOne has solved this challenge."

NBJ Award: Supply Chain Transparency

Nutrition Business Journal Award


Industries we serve

Industries we serve

  • Food & Beverage

  • Cosmetics

  • Dietary & Herbal Supplements

  • Hemp & CBD 

Roles we support

  • Farmers & Primary Producers

  • Co-ops & Aggregators

  • Importers

  • Distributors

  • Processors & Manufacturers

  • Brand Owners

  • Retailers

Who is TagOne for?

TagOne is unique in its ability to support the Food, Health & Beauty supply chains which in our view have two very unique characteristics. First is the dependence on global raw material suppliers often operating from developing nations. The second is the need to identify product quality each time a transfer of ownership occurs. Many suppliers do not have experience in agriculture or cGMP best practices, which is critical to selling consumables in the US. Our solution will help manage this process. 

Health Check
  • ​Organization System benchmark testing

  • Current organization methods reviews

  • Get results in 1-2 days

Readiness Assessment
  • ​Understand your process and system readiness to support your business plans

  • Identify key areas of weakness

  • Get results in 5-7 days

Roadmap Services
  • ​IT systems architecture strategy & design

  • Business Process strategy & design

  • Information & Organizational Management services strategy & design

  • Supply Chain Transparency business case creation

On your journey towards transparency, we’re here to help

At TagOne, we believe comprehensive supply chain transparency is a continuous journey that you start by taking small steps, one at a time. These steps get bigger and faster once organizations reach a threshold of business maturity both in terms of Processes and Systems.


Embracing the right business processes is the vehicle to this journey and implementing the right IT systems to support these processes the heart of the vehicle. That will decide how fast or slow your journey will be.  

Our decades of experience in this space has taught us one significant lesson… There are no short cuts. The companies that started this journey early and did the right things for the right reasons are the organizations that are executing at the highest level and thriving.

Experience the results

We help real businesses and real people achieve their transparency goals. Read their testimonies and see what it's like to experience the results of TagOne solutions.

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