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Operating at a High Level.

Candelay Implements Traceability Management System to Support International CBD Operations

"TagOne provides me with complete confidence in our inventory data while saving me half the time of a traditional spreadsheet."

- Ceon Harris, Operations Mgr, Candelay 

The heart of the Candelay’s mission focuses on quality and helping people live a better life.  Founder and CEO James Brobyn, a combat veteran and purple heart recipient, started the company with the intent to help others, especially veterans, as an alternative to pharmaceuticals. In order to ensure the best quality ingredients were utilized, Candelay scoured the globe to become the first entity to import full spectrum CBD products into the US market. Candelay recognized they needed to ensure that their complex supply chain is managed flawlessly to remain compliant, scale their operation and build trust within the industry. 


“One of our main goals is to remove the stigma associated with CBD and Cannabis. One way we accomplish that is transparency and building trust with our customers,” stated James Brobyn, CEO of Candelay Industries. 


As a leader in the industry, Candelay wanted to have complete ingredient traceability and searched extensively for a Traceability Management System (TMS) that could handle all of their transactions, inventory and digitally connect their lots with CofA’s (Certificate of Analysis). 












“We are an international operation with suppliers and manufacturing partners all over the world. We needed a cloud based system that is easy to access for everyone. The difference between finding a CofA related to a lot in TagOne is it takes 5 seconds. If I had to find the paper doc and locate it in excel, it would be 5 minutes. That time adds up,” says Harris,a former Army Officer and veteran. 


With Candelay’s eye on growth, TagOne ensures that new team members can ‘get it right’ from day one, speeding up the training process. And if there is a mistake, he can find it fast and fix it.  “In our operation, scalability is critical. Spreadsheets don’t scale. Also, if there is a mistake in a spreadsheet, I have no idea where it is, who did it, or how to fix it. As a leader, that’s a problem,” says Harris. 


WIth their eye on sustainability, quality and health, Candelay has made operations a priority with TagOne’s Traceability Management System. 

Learn more about Candelay Industries at visit Candelay Industries

To check out TagOne’s Traceability Management System, visit TagOne

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“I use TagOne almost daily which captures all the documents, tracks inventory transactions and does the calculations automatically. This provides me with complete confidence in our inventory data. Without TagOne, we’d be using a spreadsheet which would take me twice the time, and my level of confidence in the accuracy would be extremely low,” says Ceon Harris, Operations Manager of Candelay.
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In the meantime, check out the latest tech and FDA updates in our blog, or hear from supply chain industry leaders in our podcast, Getting Transparent.

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