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Hemp Syrup Traceability QR Code

Bringing the Farm to the Conscious Consumer.

Bluestem Botanicals harvests the power of transparency using QR code technology

"We didn't know what we were doing, but we knew we wanted to do it the right way." - Eric Vander Hyde

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Nestled on a small farm in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, Eric Vander Hyde and Bluestem Botanicals produce a wide variety of fresh herbs, herb syrups, culinary spices, and more. However, it is not without struggle and a long learning process that Bluestem Botanicals has blossomed into the pure organic plant producer that it is today. 


Since starting the farm in 2008, Eric and his wife, Linda, vowed to remain chemical-free and focus on doing things the right way. Eric quickly learned that operating an organic farm is extremely challenging as it results in increased weeds and pests, but he would contend that it has been extremely beneficial for his farm and ecosystem. After years of learning and resilience, Bluestem Botanicals was officially certified organic in 2014. 


However, the challenges of operating an organic farm didn’t stop there. Eric was surprised to find out that not only is there extra work on the farm, but also operationally through tracking an abundance of documentation and data. “We didn’t have a streamlined process or systems to collect and manage this documentation,” said Vander Hyde. Relying solely on spreadsheets, Bluestem’s continuous growth brought Eric to the realization that they could no longer rely on these spreadsheets. He knew that he wanted to do the right thing, the right way. This includes knowing where each seed came from, what field it was planted in, what lot number each batch belonged to, and who was responsible for handling it. The data was piling up. If something ever went askew, there would be no way that Eric could locate the source of the issue to right the wrongs. 

This is when Eric found TagOne’s all-in-one transparency technologies that enables farmers to manage their processes, while also bringing truth to the consumer. Utilizing TagOne’s QR code technology, TagOne:Engage, customers can easily scan and access information about ingredients and the processes that went into making each batch. “Not everyone can come to the farm, so we bring the farm to them”, says Vander Hyde, about the Engage platform.

Not only does TagOne:Engage help Eric and the Bluestem farm, but it also empowers the consumer. By delivering deep insights into the labor and processes that go into their high quality, organic products, Barefoot can demonstrate their commitment to transparency, which also helps separate themselves from the competition once their bottles hit the shelf. 

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