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QR Code Traceability for Food

Nothing Sweeter than Pure Honey.

Bee K’onscious brings innovation and values to discerning honey enthusiasts.

When Matt Kollmorgen, COO of Bee K’onscious started exploring the science of honey, he was astounded. He not only discovered the incredible health benefits this amazing food can provide, but he also discovered the dark, hidden secrets in the industry.

“I had no idea that most of what we see on our shelf is highly adulterated with sugar water and other products that aren’t honey.The current process that large honey companies use actually kills the health benefits. I was personally discouraged with the lack of integrity in the industry and how this impacted so many people,” says Kollmorgen.

Matt vowed to make a change and set out to find global beekeepers and processors that were committed to producing healthy honey, and using modern technology like TagOne’s blockchain enabled supply chain platform that can track honey from “beekeeper to jar”. 


“Beekeepers are really passionate about their product, and are frustrated that their product was being tampered with. So, we sought out beekeepers that had unique honey flavors that was sourced from healthy flowers. But a key challenge was tracking the honey from the source and conveying the provenance of the product to the consumer.  That’s when we found TagOne, which provided us with a blockchain enabled supply chain system,” says Kollmorgen. 


TagOne has provided the Bee K’onscious team with a full end to end system, which captures key data points at the hive, tracks lot numbers, stores key testing documents and also provide QR codes on labeling to engage the consumer with their traceability initiative. 


“We are excited to support Matt and his team with our traceability expertise and cloud platform. We are so impressed not only with their commitment to the quality of their honey, but also ensuring beekeepers are paid fairly and know that their product will not be tampered with. It’s a great initiative to be part of,” says Joe Witte, VP of Partnerships and Ecosystems, TagOne. 

To learn more about Bee K’onscious’ traceable honey products, and to see TagOne:Connect in action, click here:

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More Case Studies Coming Soon!

In the meantime, check out the latest tech and FDA updates in our blog, or hear from supply chain industry leaders in our podcast, Getting Transparent.

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