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We use Industry Best Practice Processes, the latest technologies, and Global Data Standards to enable interoperability across systems and ensuring comprehensive supply chain transparency.

End-To-End Traceability

The TagOne Solution Suite comprises of three core modules, TagOne Cultivate, TagOne Enterprise, and TagOne Engage, covering your entire supply chain from the first mile to the last.

End-to-end Traceability Graphic

TagOne Cultivate

​TagOne Cultivate is available as a mobile or desktop solution to capture your first mile data at the source. 


Capturing information at the inception enables you to have complete visibility in your ingredient quality, and build customer trust in your product.


With a focus on ease of use, the solution has been built in collaboration with Industry experts and tested on farms across the globe. With pre-built drop down values, our attempt has been to make it easy for your farming partners to collect operational data across the crop cycle and have the information fully integrated into your supply chain system.

TagOne Enterprise

TagOne Enterprise is the core of the TagOne suite of solutions and is built on custom modules that have been developed for typical partner roles in the natural product supply chain network.

It has been built for natural products companies that are focused on streamlining supplier information, master data and track ingredient transactions.

TagOne's business partner modules are based on the core transactions they perform and ensures we capture data from across the supply chain.

TagOne Engage

TagOne Engage is a mobile and web based application that allows you to connect with consumers and highlight your transparency efforts. Far too often, companies who are “doing it right” using best in class practices have faced competitors who are solely price driven. Our QR code solution is perfect when you want to share your transparency initiatives, and for CBD products that are required to provide the safety, source and science behind your product.

Industries we serve

Industries we serve

  • Food & Beverage

  • Cosmetics

  • Dietary & Herbal Supplements

  • Hemp & CBD 

Roles we support

  • Farmers & Primary Producers

  • Co-ops & Aggregators

  • Importers

  • Distributors

  • Processors & Manufacturers

  • Brand Owners

  • Retailers

Who is TagOne for?

TagOne is unique in its ability to support the Food, Health & Beauty supply chains which in our view have two very unique characteristics. First is the dependence on global raw material suppliers often operating from developing nations. The second is the need to identify product quality each time a transfer of ownership occurs. Many suppliers do not have experience in agriculture or cGMP best practices, which is critical to selling consumables in the US. Our solution will help manage this process. 

Health Check
  • ​Organization System benchmark testing

  • Current organization methods reviews

  • Get results in 1-2 days

Readiness Assessment
  • ​Understand your process and system readiness to support your business plans

  • Identify key areas of weakness

  • Get results in 5-7 days

Roadmap Services
  • ​IT systems architecture strategy & design

  • Business Process strategy & design

  • Information & Organizational Management services strategy & design

  • Supply Chain Transparency business case creation

On your journey towards transparency, we’re here to help

At TagOne, we believe comprehensive supply chain transparency is a continuous journey that you start by taking small steps, one at a time. These steps get bigger and faster once organizations reach a threshold of business maturity both in terms of Processes and Systems.


Embracing the right business processes is the vehicle to this journey and implementing the right IT systems to support these processes the heart of the vehicle. That will decide how fast or slow your journey will be.  

Our decades of experience in this space has taught us one significant lesson… There are no short cuts. The companies that started this journey early and did the right things for the right reasons are the organizations that are executing at the highest level and thriving.

Experience the results

We help real businesses and real people achieve their transparency goals. Read their testimonies and see what it's like to experience the results of TagOne solutions.

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