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The TagOne Solution

TagOne is a cloud based, blockchain enabled supply chain solution delivering groundbreaking transparency to the natural products industry.

The Future of Supply Chain: End to End Ingredient Traceability


TagOne’s blockchain enabled solution not only tracks your transactions with suppliers and buyers accurately, it also puts you in a position to be a market leader with End to End (E2E) chain of custody information, from seed to shelf with the click of a button. Below are our suite of mobile and cloud solutions that can help you.  



TagOne Enterprise is the core of the TagOne suite of solutions and is built on custom modules that have been developed for typical partner roles in the natural product supply chain network.

It has been built for natural products companies that are focused on streamlining supplier information, master data and track ingredient transactions.

TagOne's business partner modules are based on the core transactions they perform and ensures we capture data from across the supply chain:

  • Grower/Farmer

  • Consolidator/Wholesaler

  • Processor

  • Importer

  • Manufacturer

  • Brand Owner

  • Distributer



​TagOne: Harvest is an android based mobile solution with pre-built drop down values that makes it easy for your farming partners to collect operational and crop data and have the information automatically integrate into your supply chain system.

Capturing information at the inception enables you to have complete visibility in your ingredient quality, and build customer trust in your product. The attributes being captured have been based on GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) standards

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TagOne:Engage is an iOS mobile and web based application that allows you to connect with consumers and highlight your transparency efforts. Far too often, companies who are “doing it right” using best in class practices have faced competitors who are solely price driven. Our QR code solution is perfect when you want to share your transparency initiatives, and for CBD products that are required to provide the safety, source and science behind your product.

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