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The Future Of 
Supply Chain

Our best-in-class software suite will elevate your organization as a leader in the natural products sector. We will help you capture critical data, connect with your partners, and report the results.

Built on three key technology pillars

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Smart Devices

TagOne uses Smart Devices to capture key transaction data from upstream partners anywhere in the world using custom apps.

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Cloud Computing

We then share this data instantly on a 24x7 global cloud infrastructure using AWS.

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Ensure that data captured is secure and relevant by permanently recording it on our blockchain platform using Hyperledger, an industry leading open source blockchain framework. 

The path to
seed2sale transparency

At TagOne, we believe Technology is an enabler and needs to closely work with best practice industry processes and the right data standards to drive comprehensive seed2sale transparency.

For every Industry vertical we work in, we first spend months and sometimes even years to fully understand its unique processes. We then simulate end-to-end traceability scenarios in our system to ensure TagOne is able to address even the most complex business scenario and ensure traceability.


We work closely with GS1 (and other standards organizations as needed) to ensure we continue driving the creation and acceptance of appropriate data standards in the industry, a key dependency to the success of traceability in any industry, especially food and natural products.

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Industry Best Practices

Latest Technologies
Mobile/IoT, Cloud Computing,

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Global Data Standards
to ensure interoperability

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No Dependency
on using TagOne across the Supply Chain


Seed2Sale Traceability
ensured by pulling in & Collating data
from Disparate sources in the
TagOne AWS Cloud 

Open Source Blockchain
architecture allows even
non-TagOne customers to
put data on our Blockchain

The TagOne difference

In order to achieve comprehensive transparency across your supply chain, you first need to collect granular traceability data within your own organization and then across your entire supply chain. This means your supplier’s supplier and possibly a few levels further out. This often proves to be challenging especially because you may not have control over their everyday operations. Your partners will be typically storing key data elements across disparate systems and may not even be following any specific data standards. Some may even be using spreadsheets or handwritten logs while others may have their own private networks. So how do you connect all of this data together to tell a complete seed2sale story? That’s where TagOne comes in.


Unlike others, our unique data collator model sits on top of all your existing systems, be it your ERP, Warehouse Management or other systems. Once the relevant traceability data sources are identified, our unique TagOne Integration Layer consisting of pre-built intelligent APIs enables us to pull in & digitizing relevant data elements from critical tracking events from disparate sources in your supply chain. Thereafter our proprietary Traceability Algorithms run validation checks on this data and proceed to link it all together once the information is verified. 


Our data collator model provides TagOne with the flexibility to work with businesses of all sizes and allows our customers to choose the approach that works best for them to simplify their transparency journey.

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