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TagOne is a cloud based, blockchain enabled integrated supply chain solution, custom built for the natural products and CBD industry delivering comprehensive transparency from farm to final consumer.

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The success and failure of your business is increasingly connected to your ingredient supply chain. Any misstep in purchasing ingredients from the wrong supplier, having a documentation miscue, or failing to distinguish the quality and source of your product can lead to significant reputational risk and financial losses. TagOne's platform streamlines your supply chain operation, differentiates your brand and minimizes regulatory and legal risk. 


Educated consumers are increasingly scrutinizing ingredients and demanding transparency. TagOne allows you to engage consumers and share the safety, science, source and "story" of your natural or CBD product. 


FDA/ state regulatory audits, class action lawsuits, recalls & returns and reputational risk are putting every company on a tightrope.  Knowing the source of products, what's in them and who grew them, is no longer an option, it's a requirements. 


Tracking your suppliers (and their suppliers), ingredient transactions, documentation, buyers and product transformation is near impossible with past platforms. TagOne streamlines and simplifies your product visibility and workflow. 



TagOne's blockchain enabled technology solution empowers our partners with comprehensive supply chain visibility from "seed to shelf".  What solutions have we provided?

  • TagOne:Connect provides brands and retailers with a  mobile solution allowing consumers to learn more about the quality ingredients and traceability you've invested to deliver a safe, healthy product. 


FREE WEBINAR March 18th, 1p EST

The GMP’s and Compliance Policies Your Hemp & CBD Business May Be Missing

  • First steps to GMP's

  • Who to hire (consultant or full time)

  • What to expect in establishing GMP's

  • Why GMP's matter (and what happens if you don't)

  • Hemp farm vs Processor vs Brand GMP's

  • If you use a Contract Manufacturer, are you off the hook?

  • How process and technology impact implementing GMP's

"Our industry is based on a deep bond of trust between consumer and seller. To keep a buyer's trust intact, ingredient quality must be backed up by reliable, transparent data and a system to manage it. TagOne has solved this challenge."

-Dr. Anand Swaroop, CEO, Cepham

Document and Master Data Management

Centralized Regulatory Repository

Ingredient Traceability from “Seed to Shelf”

Transaction & Inventory Management Across the Supply Chain

Ingredient Quality Management

Recall & Returns Management

Advisory Services

Our team brings more than a decade of track and trace experience helping natural product companies integrate full traceability in to their supply chain capabilities. 


Help your farmers capture information at the "seed" stage in order to track and share your complete transparency initiatives. 


Our blockchain enabled SaaS manages your supply chain data, suppliers and ingredients, from seed to shelf.


A consumer mobile solution that empowers individuals to make informed decisions about the products they put in their bodies.