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At TagOne we are dedicated to connecting global supply chains, driving transparency, and enabling a healthier tomorrow.

FDA Selects TagOne As Winner Of  Traceability Challenge

Meet FSMA 204 Requirements Today!

TagOne is a groundbreaking Traceability Management System delivering comprehensive transparency to the food and natural products supply chain, from seed to sale.

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Why Do You Need

A Traceability Management System?

In today's connected world, the success and failure of your business are increasingly dependent on your ingredient supply chain. As your supplier base continues to expand globally, any misstep in your procurement process can lead to significant reputational risk and financial losses. But on the flip side, if you are running your business the right way, sourcing the best ingredients from the right sources, taking care of your people and the planet, and leveraging best business practices, the upside is massive. These things are meaningful to people who matter, your customers, partners, investors, and regulators, stuff you must highlight to stand out from the crowd. 


But how do we capture all this data and information from across the supply chain, link it all together and showcase it in a way that everybody understands? That is where the TagOne Traceability Management System comes in.


TagOne is an award-winning Blockchain-enabled, SaaS-based system that helps companies across the supply chain seamlessly connect with each other, enabling Seed to Sale Transparency. We are supporting companies to future-proof their supply chains.

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Meet FSMA 204 Requirements Today!

Keeping track of additional CTEs and KDEs for your products

may seem overwhelming, but TagOne is here to help you make 

a smooth transition. Whether it's through our system or roadmap services, TagOne has you covered.

Basic Compliance Pack

  • Low-cost option

  • FSMA-compliant, one-click FDA reporting in seconds 

Compliance + Pack

  • Basic Compliance Pack PLUS additional features like Inventory Management, Recalls and Returns, Audit Logs, and more.

Advisory + Roadmap Services

  • Dedicated traceability process consultants

  • Identify process gaps and create solutions

  • Conduct onboarding sessions

The Value Of TagOne

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Consumer Engagement

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FDA FSMA 204 & Legal Compliance

  • Share safety, science, source & other info to drive customer engagement

  • Use Videos, Images, text or detailed operations data to support your story 

  • Use dynamic QR codes or website widgets to share info 

  • Address FDA/State regulatory requirements with a button click

  • Address customer/other traceability audits in minutes

  • Reduce risk of class action lawsuits

  • Dramatically reduce downside impact of recalls & returns

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ESG Metrics Across The Supply Chain

  • Capture Environment, Social & Governance metrics across each node of the supply chain

  • Get ESG audit reports from across the supply chain

  • System supports both data & documents as needed 

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Food Safety & Operational Efficiencies

  • Leverage detailed data captured across supply chain for smarter decision making 

  • Gain stronger insight into supplier performance 

  • Detailed ingredient visibility drives efficiency

  • Streamlined workflow

Global and Fully

The Future of Supply Chains.

The TagOne team has always been driven by the vision of global, inter-connected supply chains, across industries and across borders. This we believe is our tomorrow.


We have spent over four years making this vision into our reality, building out our award winning , SaaS based, BlockChain enabled TagOne solution suite, from scratch. This unique traceability management system delivers comprehensive seed-to-sale transparency to the food and natural products supply chains. 

Our solution comprises of three core modules, TagOne Cultivate, TagOne Enterprise, and TagOne Engage, covering your entire supply chain from the first mile to the last.

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"Our industry is based on a deep bond of trust between consumer and seller. To keep a buyer's trust intact, ingredient quality must be backed up by reliable, transparent data and a system to manage it. TagOne has solved this challenge."

-Dr. Anand Swaroop, CEO, Cepham
NBJ Award: Supply Chain Transparency

Dr. Anand Swaroop

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GS1, the global leader in commerce standards and inventor of the barcode, partnered with TagOne to help develop standards for CBD. 

As part of the pilot, American Fiber, a leading international CBD company, implemented TagOne's Traceability Management System and GS1 standards to lead the industry with best practices. 

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