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TagOne Compliance Link Consider FSMA 204 Done

TagOne Compliance Link is our flagship FSMA 204 solution suite that helps food companies across the supply chain easily identify, capture, validate, store & share relevant CTEs and their KDEs.

FSMA 204 compliance begins here

Some people are calling the FDA's upcoming FSMA 204 rule the largest single imposed change on the global food supply chain in history. This compliance requirement is estimated to impact nearly half a million global food establishments. 


At the rule's core are additional traceability record-keeping requirements for persons who manufacture, process, pack, or hold foods that the FDA has designated for inclusion on the Food Traceability List (FTL). For FTL foods they handle, these persons must establish and maintain records containing Key Data Elements (KDEs) associated with different Critical Tracking Events (CTEs) and provide the requested information to the FDA within 24 hours or within some reasonable time to which the FDA has agreed.

TagOne Compliance Link Diagram

TagOne Compliance Link for FSMA 204

Companies impacted by this ruling may be feeling overwhelmed and considering this work as an additional burden and a complex undertaking. But the reality is that complying with these requirements will become a breeze with a little bit of planning, a little discipline, and some help from TagOne.


With our TagOne Compliance Link solution we promise to take the complexity out of your FSMA 204 compliance journey. By leveraging our decades of traceability compliance experience, we have custom-built the solution from scratch, addressing the diverse needs of each partner type, across the supply chain. In our view, in an industry as big and diverse as food, a one-size-fits-all all kind of solution just cannot work.

We believe a comprehensive FSMA 204 compliance solution needs to address 4 key things which we define as part of our compliance wheel. A complete understanding and coverage of:

  • All roles across the supply chain

  • Identification of the appropriate data types

  • Flexible data capture options catering to different business user types

  • Seamless data share capabilities


TagOne Compliance Link for FSMA 204 checks all the boxes. In fact, we can confidently say that in addition to helping you address the immediate FSMA 204 requirement, it will also help you use this investment as building blocks for the future, to drive competitive advantage.

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