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Our Offerings

From low-cost FSMA 204 compliance options to full end-to-end traceability solutions, along with multiple levels of FSMA 204 and traceability consulting, TagOne has you covered. 

SaaS Offerings Tailored For Your Company

FSMA 204 Compliance Link

Our Compliance Link Basic pack is your low-cost option to get you started on your FSMA 204 Compliance journey. The focus is to help you digitize and store your specific CTEs and their defining KDEs in the TagOne Traceability Cloud. Key features include:

  • Self-service-based setup of your company account on the TagOne traceability cloud 

  • Basic Master Data Management - Business Partner, Item

  • FDA FSMA 204 CTE Management - Receiving, Transformation, Shipping, Harvesting, Cooling, Packing

  • FDA FSMA 204 KDEs Management -Capture + Store

  • Multiple Data entry options -
    Web UI, Excel, CSV, Mobile 


  • No Data sharing/exchange option with your business partners 

  • One-click reporting of Key Data Elements linked to your Critical Tracking Events

Service Offerings
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Consulting Offerings For Your Traceability Journey!

At TagOne, we believe comprehensive supply chain transparency is a continuous journey that starts with small steps, one at a time. These steps get bigger and faster once organizations reach a threshold of business maturity in terms of Processes and Systems.


Embracing the right business processes is the vehicle for this journey, and implementing the right IT systems to support these processes is the heart of the vehicle. That will decide how fast or slow your journey will be.

Our decades of experience in this space have taught us one significant lesson… There are no shortcuts. The companies that started this journey early and did the right things for the right reasons are the organizations that are executing at the highest level and thriving.


We are here to share our learnings with you and help you start on your successful journey, whether for FSMA 204 or any other.

FSMA 204

This is a short assessment of where your company is in its tech-traceability readiness to tackle the FSMA 204 challenge. We will assess your readiness against our pre-built checklist via multiple onsite reviews and discussion sessions.

  • High-level review of your current processes and system readiness to comply with FSMA 204

  • Key risk areas will be identified and flagged for customer resolution 

  • The entire assessment and the final report are generally completed within 5-7 days

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