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TagOne Supplier Link

Simplified Supplier Data Share 

The TagOne Supplier Link has been custom-built to help food companies easily capture Shipping KDEs from their suppliers, no matter their size, business complexity, or IT systems maturity 

TagOne Supplier Link

TagOne Supplier Link, a part of the TagOne Compliance Link solution suite, has been designed and built with only one thing in mind: to make data sharing from a diverse supplier base as simple as possible. It's tailor-made to cater to the distinct needs of smaller and mid-sized companies, ensuring they're not left behind in the digital transformation of data capture, validation, storage, and sharing. This elegant solution is simple yet powerful. With TagOne Supplier Link, we've created a bridge that allows companies to tackle these challenging requirements with ease, helping them thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of the food supply chain. It's your key to unlocking a future where compliance, efficiency, and seamless data management come together effortlessly.



Network-Based Model with One-Time Sign-Up
Say goodbye to complex onboarding processes; TagOne Supplier Link welcomes you with a straightforward one-time sign-up.

100% FSMA 204 Compliance

We've got you covered, ensuring your compliance with all the Critical Tracking Events (CTEs) and supporting Key Data Elements (KDEs) for various supply chain roles, as prescribed by the FDA.

Multiple Access Options

Whether you prefer the comfort of your desktop, the versatility of a tablet, or the convenience of a mobile device, TagOne Supplier Link has you covered.

Flexible Data Capture and Sharing

Choose your weapon of choice—whether its our intuitive web user interface, the familiarity of Excel, CSV files, or even the mobility of our dedicated mobile app, we have 7 options for you to capture data 

Full Master Data Functionality

Seamlessly manage your essential master data, including business partners, items, and locations, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.

Auto-ASN Translation Service

Streamline your operations with our automatic Advance Shipping Notice (ASN) translation service that instantly translates your shipment data into ASNs for your customers.

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