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TagOne partners with companies and leader in related industry by making introductions to prospects and customers who would benefit from each other’s service.

How to Partner With TagOne

TagOne is focused on establishing relationships with organizations and leaders in the natural products industry that are determined to integrate complementary solutions and services that can help companies  become more transparent in their operations and supply chain.  We have established two (2) different programs that help our respective organizations forge a relationship focused on serving the natural products industry which are basted on either referrals or integration. 


If you are your organization are interested in how we can work together, please complete the "Contact Us" form below. 

Current Partners



Founded in 2013, SafeTraces is a mission-driven team of entrepreneurs, scientists, engineers, and safety practitioners dedicated to creating a safer, more transparent, and more sustainable world. Our groundbreaking DNA-based solutions provide valuable risk management for customers in food, pharmaceuticals, and the built environment.

The miniDART™ is the most cost-effective, scalable on-product traceability solution for fresh produce, bulk goods, and pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products. It uses unique edible, invisible DNA-based barcodes (FDA-GRAS) that are applied directly to the product and can be read by a downstream purchaser with a rapid, inexpensive, on-site test to verify product source and authenticity in 25 minutes.


With the miniDART, food, pharmaceutical, and nutraceutical processors and manufacturers will meet and exceed the performance of conventional packaging and requirements of the FDA’s New Era of Smarter Food Safety initiative and the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA). The result is unsurpassed supply chain security, brand protection, and product safety. The miniDART solution delivers on-product authentication with DNA tags that leverage GS1 identifiers.

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Allay Consulting

Allay Cannabis/Industrial Hemp Consulting guides companies through the hazards of the budding cannabis industry by navigating compliance pitfalls, ensuring best practices, and ultimately making sure the product you create ends up in stores, and not disposed of. With expertise from seed to sale, Allay understands that every facility has different needs, must comply with different regulations and has their own unique identity. As the rules and standards of the industry continue to evolve, Allay Cannabis Consulting can save you from the headache of trying to keep up, enabling you to focus on the bigger picture.  



Allay Provides a variety of services including Licensing assistance, New facility planning and build outs, and routine compliance audits. Allay covers many compliance areas including your state cannabis regulations, FDA compliance, GMP certification assistance, ISO 9001 and 22000 assistance, OSHA regulations, and Fire code regulations.  They also provide monthly hourly packages for long term compliance support, SOP/GMP development, Equipment evaluation, Metrc audits and training, and product packaging evaluations, etc.

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Trust Transparency Center


Our experts provide detailed, structured analysis surrounding marketing, operating and trading issues including channel strategy, sourcing and supply chain, marketing, branding and communications to facilitate growth, revenues and margin. We are able to quickly and effectively expand management resources leading to smart decision making.


We provide integrated, fact-based analysis surrounding commercial and operational issues related to mergers and acquisitions. We have successfully assisted many clients, representing over $300M in transactions, through the sale and buying process. Our focus is to efficiently move the process forward minimizing the impact on the day-to-day operations.


Our highly-experienced regulatory consultants bring a wealth of knowledge of the most up-to-date regulations, directives, laws, policies and guidelines and how they are likely to impact your business and operations. It is our job to sort through the details, interpret guidelines and recommend the right course of action for your organization.


Our consultants offer keynote addresses and workshops on the importance of trust in organizations and the value of making trust transparent both internally and externally, including highlighting the impact and dangers of the “transparency collision,” which has repeatedly demonstrated an avoidable consequence to many organizations.


We augment your leadership team allowing your management to keep the day to day moving, by helping organizations align priorities, set goals and assess and focus resources. We assist the alignment of KPIs and enable companies to execute growth strategies.


Culture is a key driver of organizational performance. Our consultants help clients create a culture that works. Programs include assessments, audits, executive, leadership and management coaching, board level engagement.

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