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TagOne Advisory

Knowing the best path to take on your journey towards an integrated supply chain can be complex and overwhelming. TagOne's team is here to help you on your journey towards transparency.

How Our Advisory Team Supports You

At TagOne, we believe comprehensive supply chain transparency is a continuous journey that you start by taking small steps, one at a time. These steps get bigger and faster once organizations reach a threshold of business maturity both in terms of Processes and Systems.


Embracing the right business processes is the vehicle to this journey and implementing the right IT systems to support these processes the heart of the vehicle. That will decide how fast or slow your journey will be.  

And our decades of experience in this space has taught us one significant lesson…There are no short cuts. The companies that started this journey early and did the right things for the right reasons are the organizations that executing at the highest level and thriving.

Tech traceability advisor

Our Areas of Focus

  • Supply Chain Transparency:

    • Chain of Custody/ Product Traceability

    • Quality life cycle management

    • Recalls & Returns

    • Transaction management

  • Regulatory repository and document management

  • Master Data Management and Governance

  • Inventory Management

  • Warehouse Management

  • Shipping and transportation

Health Check

  • TagOne’s health check service reviews your existing “As Is” system health against Industry benchmarks and tells you where you stand against your peers

  • It’s a positive first step in your quest to make yourself a world class company

  • This service is typically 1-2 days and depends on the company size, locations, systems and processes in scope


Readiness Assessment​

  • Understand your process and system readiness to support your business plans

  • Identify key areas of weakness

  • This service is typically 5-7 days and depends on the company size, locations, systems and processes in scope


Roadmap & Imagine Services

Our Enterprise roadmap services is an exhaustive assessment of your organization and will outline both your business process and systems perspective needs. These engagements can be as short as a week or a few months long depending on the scope and depth of our engagement. The following are components of our roadmap service which you can select based on needs:

  • Business Process strategy & design​

  • IT systems architecture strategy & design

  • Information Management services strategy & design

  • Organizational Management strategy & design

  • Supply Chain Transparency business case creation

Sustainability at source solutions
Supply Chain Transparency solutions

Deloitte University Press:

The Path To Supply Chain Transparency

Why transparency is an imperative

  • A four-step process for building transparency

  • The critical role of technology  

  • A clear path to transparency ​

"The dispersed nature of today’s supply chains creates increasing levels of risk for multinational businesses, making transparency both critical and complex. Without effective visibility into their supply chains, executives potentially have a significant blind spot in their enterprise risk management structure, from which substantial legal, financial, and reputational exposure could emerge."

— David Linich, Principle, Deloitte Consulting

Path to Supply Chain Transparency, Deloitte University Press