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Grain Tech Traceability software

Industries We Serve


TagOne's suite of solutions were developed to help natural products companies address their unique global supply chain needs.

TagOne is unique it its ability to support the natural products supply chain which in our view has two very unique characteristics. First is the dependence on global raw material suppliers often operating from developing nations. The second is the need to identify product quality each time a transfer of ownership occurs. Many suppliers do not have experience in agriculture or cGMP best practices, which is critical to sell consumable items in the US. Our solution will help manage this process. 


CBD & Hemp

The Farm Bill of 2018 legalized hemp, which has a multitude of applications. One of the most popular is CBD (cannabinoid) used in topicals, tinctures, edibles and supplements. The industry is projecting to break $20 billion by 2025, but this level of growth comes with extensive confusion, bad players and increased scrutiny from consumers, regulators and the media.


Many states are requiring QR codes on packaging to provide a product's source, science and safety in addition to providing provenance on where the hemp was grown. TagOne solves a myriad of challenges using our team's extensive experience and our blockchain integrated platform to help differentiate your CBD solution. 


Hemp Tech Traceability software
Food Tech Traceability software

Food & Beverage

Consumers are concerned with the source, safety and efficacy of what they are putting in their bodies and increasingly investing in brands that are healthy, and environmentally sustainable. Many companies have discovered that having a fully integrated supply chain to provide product integrity from "seed to shelf" is not just the right thing to do, but also good business. 


TagOne provides supply chain technology solutions that result in buyer confidence, operational visibility and reduced risk from contamination or botched recalls. Be sure to lead your industry with a product built on blockchain technology showing your commitment to the consumer and the grower. 

Dietary & Herbal Supplements

The dietary supplement industry achieves consistent year over year growth of 7%, and continues to play an expanded role in our health serving as a natural alternative to  pharmaceuticals.  The supplement industry is facing increasing demands for transparency from consumers, in addition to pressure from the FDA’s Foreign Supplier Verification Program (FSVP) which attempts to limit adulteration on imported products.


Since approximately 90% of dietary supplements are imported from China, it is imperative to have clean records, data and documentation in order to appease government regulators and consumers alike. TagOne is well suited to manage these challenges, ensuring that your company continues to thrive with our End to End transaction tracking capabilities.

Herbal Tech Traceability software
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