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Hemp Cultivation Data Now Easy to Capture and Share with Innovative Tech Solution

TagOne Helps Farmers Curb Fraud, Analyze Trends, Streamline Supply Chain

TagOne, a technology leader in integrated supply chain systems for natural products, has launched Harvest 2.0, designed to help hemp farmers. Several industry and farming challenges arose which prompted the innovation. As fraudulent CBD products continue to land on the market, consumers have become increasingly skeptical, and regulators have scrambled to find the right policies to protect consumers. Additionally, civil lawsuits have skyrocketed with issues ranging from seed quality, hemp seizures, and processing issues. As a result, sophisticated hemp and CBD companies want to integrate traceability tech but have struggled to find a platform that meets their specific needs.

After speaking with several industry leaders, TagOne’s CTO, Manish Gupta, led the launch of Harvest 2.0 in early March 2020. The new framework which is blockchain-enabled, allows hemp farmers to capture and analyze complex data at various farming stages, and enables seamless data and document sharing with their buyers downstream to provide quality Additionally, Harvest 2.0 integrates with TagOne:Enterprise enabling end to end traceability, from seed to sale.

“After meeting with leading hemp cultivators, we better understood their need to capture data for both themselves, and also share it seamlessly with their partners downstream. With the number of lawsuits and fraud happening in the industry, we are really confident that TagOne:Harvest 2.0 can solve a myriad of these trust challenges. ,” says Manish Gupta, TagOne Co-Founder and Chief Technical Officer.

Data collection for hemp cultivators is simplified and streamlined using cloud and blockchain tech, reducing data quality risk.
TagOne:Harvest 2.0 Empowers Hemp Farmers with Supply Chain Tech

With hemp reemerging as a “new” crop, collecting and analyzing data over the course of several planting cycles is critical to identify trends. Some of the data which can be collected includes cultivar, geo-location, THC levels, germination date, wet/dry weight, crop yield, drying method, and more.

About TagOne: TagOne is a cloud-based, blockchain-enabled integrated supply chain solution developed for the hemp and CBD industry, delivering comprehensive transparency from farm to final consumer. Learn more at


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