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Webinar: What is a Traceability Mgmt. System and Does Your Food or Supplement Business Need One?

Webinar Recap

The FDA has rolled out their "New Era of Smarter Food Safety" and item #1 is "Tech Traceability". With supply chain processes growing increasingly complex, and legal risks lurking, operations that want to get ahead of the process are looking at technologies that can help. The big question is, does a Traceability Management System make sense for your food/ supplement or CBD company?

What we covered:

1) What is a Traceability Management System and what does it do?

2) Who needs one (and who doesn't)?

3) When should a company implement a system (and what are the first steps)?

4) How does a Traceability Mgmt. System help your food/ supplement company?

5) What does a TMS look like (yeah, literally!) and what questions should you ask before you invest in the technology?

Webinar: What is a Traceability Mgmt. System

Attached is the presentation from the webinar.

Webinar Trace Mgmt System_TagOne.pptx (1)
Download PDF • 3.62MB

About Our Special Guest:

Manish Gupta, Co-founder and CTO at TagOne, was a Senior Consultant at SAP before co-founding Dreamweaver, LLC, which provides tech traceability consulting solutions for ERP systems at major pharmaceutical companies including Pfizer, J&J, and BMS.

In 2014, Manish and TJ collaborated and developed the TagOne Traceability Management System, a cloud based solution that helps track ingredient data and documents in the supply chain from seed to sale using blockchain. Manish also is an expert at systems integration, data management and solving complex technical challenges. Manish studied electronics and software as an undergraduate, and later received his MBA at the India Institute of Management in Calcutta.

Interested in learning more about TagOne's "Seed to sale" technology? Please contact us here: Or call us 609.786.2426