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Supply Chain Transparency technologies

We Help Companies Who
Want To Do The Right Thing

At TagOne we are dedicated to connecting global supply chains, driving transparency, and enabling a healthier tomorrow.

It takes all of us

TagOne’s mission is to enable comprehensive transparency across global supply chains in the Food and Natural Products Industry with our blockchain-enabled suite of tech-traceability solutions. 

We are helping companies drive higher accountability across their supply chains, resulting in safer products, better operational efficiencies, a cleaner environmental footprint, and a more empowered consumer.


A key expectation from tomorrow's global food and natural products supply chain will be 100% transparency. Our job is to put you on that path today.

TagOne CEO-Trinanjan Gupta

Trinanjan Gupta (TJ)

Co-founder & CEO

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Manish Gupta-CTO

Manish Gupta

Co-founder & CTO

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Track & trace visionaries

TagOne is a technology solutions company 100% focused on cutting-edge supply chain transparency solutions that were co-founded by TJ Gupta and Manish Gupta (no relation). TagOne consists of recognized thought leaders in the supply chain “track and trace” sector supporting industries including pharmaceutical, natural products, and retail. Our team has spoken at various forums on the topic of supply chain transparency using blockchain at events, including Nature Expo West, Supply Side West, GS1 Connect, Council for Responsible Nutrition Leadership Summit, and NBJ Annual Summit.


For more than a decade, our global team has provided expertise for enterprises including J&J, Bristol Myers Squibb, Roche, and AmerisourceBergen. In 2017 we co-developed a mobile solution with an industry leader in the dietary supplement industry and launched our blockchain-enabled supply chain management solution “TagOne Enterprise” in 2018. 


Our team supports our customers by understanding the requirements necessary to help you achieve your objectives, integrating our cloud-based solutions, and providing ongoing training and advisory services.

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