Joe Witte

Dec 23, 2019

2020 Supply Chain Solutions for Hemp & CBD: Building Trust in the Marketplace (Webinar Recap Video)

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Merril Gilbert, Co-Founder and CEO of TraceTrust (and her trusty sidekick, Milo) an industry expert on regulatory processes for the food and cannabis industries joined TagOne's Joe Witte to discuss the following pressing topics in the hemp and CBD market including:

-Overview of the current landscape of legal hemp and CBD products

-Risk Management

-Why having a secure traceable supply chain is crucial

-Cultivation to finished goods

-What you need to know

-Third-Party certifications and blockchain solutions

-Knowing ingredient providers and their process

-Conveying your commitment to transparency to buyers/ consumers

-Where we see this going in 2020

Our special guest is Merril Gilbert, Co-founder and CEO at TraceTrust, a consulting company that is committed to elevating the industry standard of dose accuracy to support cannabis edible manufacturers dedicated to product transparency and safety, furthering consumer confidence in cannabis products.

Merril is also the Chair and Education Committee Member for the National Cannabis Industry Association, and has been in the food industry for 20+ years, as a business owner and consultant.

To view or download the presentation deck, click here:

2020 Supply Chain Solutions for Hemp & CBD

Milo, the GMP Certified Dog

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