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Vitafoods Roundtable - The Impact of Amazon's Supplement Quality Requirements (video)

Industry leaders debate the impact of Amazon's new supplement regulations.


E-commerce super giant, Amazon, recently rolled out transparency and testing requirements for all dietary supplements sold through their platform. Since then, industry leaders have debated the potential impact of these regulations both on supplement brands and the supplement market.

In the roundtable featured in this article by Vitafoods , Joe Witte (TagOne and Getting Transparent), Anand Swaroop (CEO of Cepham), Elan Sudberg (CEO of Alkemist Labs), and TJ Gupta (CEO of TagOne) dive into the subject. Some of the highlights from this roundtable include:

  • Requirements, opportunities and challenges facing the dietary supplement industry.

  • Perspective through the eyes of an supplement ingredient supplier.

  • Potential challenges for testing ingredients.

  • Perspective of an experienced pharma industry executive.

  • The potential of technology as it can be used to make meeting these regulations easier.

Watch below for the full video.


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