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May 23 Webinar: How Best Practices & Blockchain are Delivering Dietary Supplement Transparency

As dietary and herbal supplement demand grows, so does the requirement for brands, consumers and regulators to better understand what is in our products. Companies are increasingly facing competition that does not follow best practices. So how can you actually INCREASE transparency to not only reduce risk, but also build trust with customers and GROW your business? And how can blockchain help with this process?

Previously held on : May 23, 2019

Listen & watch here:

Len Monheit, Managing Partner at Trust Transparency Center, and Joe Witte, Vice President of Ecosystems & Partnerships will discuss this critical industry topic and provide insights in to how you can lead not only your company, but the industry.

Questions we will ask (and answer):

What is the current state of the dietary supplement industry and what are the risks to industry growth without transparency?

How is the global supply chain of natural products causing operational challenges for supplement providers?

What are internal best practices and procedures companies can integrate to minimize risk?

How is the FDA and regulatory officials responding to the risks being posed to consumers? How can you protect yourself?

How can software solutions help change behaviors internally to streamline your supply chain process?

What is blockchain, and why does it matter in supply chain management?

How is TagOne's cloud solution different from other platforms, and why do its customizations make sense for supplement companies?

How can transparency initiatives differentiate you in the market and help drive sales?


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