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Webinar Recap: USDA Interim Final Rule on Hemp

Facts, Preparation and How You Can Protect Your Business & Supply Chain

Download Webinar Deck Here:

Frank Robison, Managing Attorney from Robison Law Group and Cannabis/ Hemp Legal Specialist & joined Joe Witte, VP of Partnerships at TagOne for a discussion on:

  • Highlights (and lowlights) of the Interim Final Rule

  • How to protect yourself legally (and operationally)

  • What this means to the hemp and CBD industry

  • What you can do to prepare (short and long term)

  • How this impacts your supply chain process and systems

  • Tracking tests and documentation to ensure you are compliant

  • Ensuring you meet regulatory and buyers expectations

Frank Robison

Frank Robison brings extensive experience to our discussion. Here's a short look at his expertise.

Attorney and U.S. customs broker specialising in the cannabis (marijuana and hemp) spaces focusing in the following areas: • Customs Law and Import and Export Law • Intellectual Property Commercialisation and Protection • Trademark, Brand Protection and Domain Name Law • Industrial Hemp Law • Tax Law


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