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WEBINAR RECAP: Consumer Insights & ROI of Brand Transparency

Consumers are increasingly demanding to know "more" from their brands. Are you ethical? Where did this product come from? Are your employees paid fairly?

Brands, on the other hand, are wondering, Should we share this information? If we do, will it hurt or help our business? Will consumers pay more for a product they can trust? How do we get started? How does supply chain and marketing fit together?

All this and more are answered on this webinar with Yadim Medore, CEO of PureBranding, and Joe Witte, VP of Partnerships and Ecosystems at TagOne.


Which consumers are driving transparency in the market?

What is most important to consumers about transparency?

How much does ethics of a company influence transparency?

What are the practices that most influence the perception of transparency?

How much does transparency influence consumer purchasing decision and perception of quality?

What level of transparency is needed for consumers to switch brands?

Why does it matter that brands differentiate between traceability and transparency?

Why do some transparency programs fail and some succeed?

Why are companies afraid of transparency and how can you overcome the barriers?

What does storytelling have to do with transparency?

How does supply chain transparency impact your transparency strategy?

How can you use software to help manage, track and measure your transparency strategies?

When you've implemented transparency, what and how can you share with consumers?


Yadim Medore

Yadim Medore is Founder & CEO of Pure Branding, a strategic consulting, market research and brand development agency for leading dietary supplement and functional food brands. He’s helped global clients build loyalty and grow market share through innovative research, actionable insights and strategic guidance. Yadim spearheaded the supplement industry’s first consumer traceability program for Gaia Herbs, which as part of their rebrand strategy helped triple sales in 4 years. Pure Branding has conducted market research and developed brand strategy for numerous brands including Boiron, BioChem, Country Life, CV Sciences, Dr. Hauschka, Emerson Ecologics, Herb Pharm, MediHerb, MegaFood, Nature’s Sunshine, NeoCell, Nordic Naturals, Nutiva, Organic India, Reserveage, Standard Process and Traditional Medicinals.

Joe Witte, VP of Ecosystems and Partnerships at TagOne,

With more than fifteen years of experience as a global entrepreneur and business development executive, Joe Witte prides himself on his focus on core business “truths” (mission, vision and values) and ability to develop and execute sustainable business strategies. Joe is focused on bringing TagOne’s blockchain enabled software solution to natural product companies who are focused on integrating supply chain and marketing transparency initiatives for the benefit of their customers, and to improve operational infrastructure. Prior to joining TagOne, he successfully co-founded five different organizations, ranging from interactive media to SaaS solutions. In his most recent role, Joe co-founded and was the Executive Director of Bunker Labs Northeast, a non-profit dedicated to helping veteran entrepreneurs start and grow their own businesses. Joe proudly served as an Army Captain and was awarded the Army Commendation Medal for his service in Iraq in 2004. Joe has also been featured in multiple publications including Fast Company, Entrepreneur and Inc Magazines. A graduate of Penn State University, Joe currently serves on the board of the Liberty USO and the aforementioned Bunker Labs. When not working, he enjoys spending his time with his family and advising early stage companies.

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