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Increasing transparency with forward-thinking technology

Using blockchain and mobile phone apps to connect the supply chain from seed to shelf. Listen here:

The supply chain for botanical ingredients used in dietary supplements is uniquely complex due to harvesting variations and finite resources, yet consumers—and law makers—are increasingly demanding sourcing transparency. TagOne a technology solutions company, along with botanical experts including Trish Flaster, executive director, Botanical Liaisons, developed a path that may help brands track their supply chain. In this podcast, Trinanjan (TJ) Gupta, founder and CEO, TagOne; Flaster; and Sandy Almendarez, editor in chief, INSIDER, discuss botanical supply chains and ways technology is helping streamline information. They cover:

  • How blockchain technology is helping shape the future of supply chain management

  • Why a lack of standardization of dietary ingredients poses threats for transparency

  • How the TagOne:Harvest app is connecting the supply chain from farmers to processors, manufacturers, retailers, and consumers


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