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Getting Candid on the FDA’s Traceability Requirement

The future of food safety and transparency

The President of MC Squared, Mark Carter, and TagOne Founder and CTO, Manish Gupta, were the latest guests on Getting Transparent. Carter and Gupta discussed the future of food safety and provenance and how food companies can not just meet FDA regulator requirements, but also improve their operations and brand by implementing traceability solutions.

In July 2020, the FDA announced its New Era of Smarter Food Safety to reduce the number of foodborne illnesses and contamination by ensuring traceability across all points of the food supply chain. The Traceability Challenge, announced in July 2021, served as the first step in achieving their goal by leveraging technology to create a safer food system leveraging digital tools. As a challenge winner, TagOne addressed the FDA’s demand for a low-cost or no-cost tech enabled traceability solution.

Carter, who is also the Secretary of the International Association of Food Protection (IAFP) discusses topics such as the primary risk to our food supply chain,and why he thought that the industry is somewhat hesitant to change. Manish also covers interoperability, and how how blockchain technology combined with a Traceability Management System help companies to achieve total transparency.

For more about Mark Carter, Manish Gupta, the FDA Traceability Challenge, and the New Era of Food Safety, listen to the full episode here.


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