Feb 24, 2021

Getting Transparent: The Food Innovator. Entrepreneurship, Science and Leadership

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Mark Carter, President of MC Squared joins Getting Transparent to discuss technology, risk management and leadership.

As President of MC Squared, Mark Carter has spent years involved in food safety, testing, innovation, entrepreneurship, and advising. From the beginning, Mark's mission has been to "help early stage companies develop technology and get launched".

In this episode, Mark speaks to the state of the food industry as we know it. As technology becomes increasingly rooted and prevalent in this industry, businesses both big and small must face the realities and consider meaningful investment in traceability and risk management tech. Mark solidifies this assertion through mention of the FDA's New Era of Smarter Food Safety. Whether your business is ready for it or not, the "data requirements aren't going to be any less stringent at the small business level" Carter remarks. Therefore, investing in the technology now will pay dividends when considering time and efficiency in the long-term.

It all boils down to quality. Consumers demand it, and now regulating agencies like the FDA are working to ensure that it is standard practice across the board. Investing early in data managing, quality assuring technologies like TagOne is necessary for the longevity of businesses in the food sector - and eventually all sectors.

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