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The Environmental Specialist: Pushing Transparency to Fashion and Textile (Megan Meiklejohn)

Regenerative Process at farm level

In this episode of Getting Transparent, Megan Meiklejohn, SVP of Supply Chain Innovation at the Savory Institute and leading sustainability expert of the apparel industry, joins host Joe Witte to talk about how scalable regenerative practices is crucial in resolving the systemic issues facing the apparel industry. Meiklejohn has previously held sustainability and transparency management roles at Ralph Lauren and Eileen Fisher. Megan also received her Master's in Impact-Focused Business and Investing from Glasgow Caledonian NY College. Megan is a traveler, passionate rock climber, and fellow Penn State Grad!

In this podcast episode, Megan provides insight on some of the following topics:

  • The environmental impact of the fashion industry

  • The increase in regenerative processes at the farm level

  • Current major industry disruptors and challenges

“There's a level of awareness that has increased, I've noticed that just the past couple of years, where we know there's a large amount of demand out In the world for regenerative grown materials, as well as other preferred or sustainable materials. But there's not enough supply and it's not just going to magically appear because there's demand …. There needs to be investment at the farm level” - Megan Meiklejohn.

Megan Meiklejohn can be reached at:

To hear more insights, and learn about Megan’s journey to becoming a product sustainability expert, please listen to the podcast here or watch on YouTube here.


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