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Hemp for the Next Generation

Navigating the Versatility of the Miracle Crop

Quotation by Jody McGinness

Executive Director of the Hemp Industry Association (HIA), Jody McGinness, joins Getting Transparent in the latest episode. In it, McGinness speaks to the powerhouse that is the hemp plant and how generations to come will be able to use it for much more than we currently realize.

First of all, hemp is a nutritional superfood. Packed with healthy vitamins proteins, McGinness comments that it is probably the "cleanest source of complete protein known to humans" as 30 grams of it contains more protein than the same amount of chicken. Hemp fiber is another area of excitement for McGinness as he explains its incredible versatility as it can be used in textiles, building materials and more; the full potential of this plant has yet to be unlocked!

Jody also covers topics such as the evolution of HIA as the organisation migrates from a grassroots organisation, to a mature non-profit. Finally, he discusses the current CBD market with many of the issues, the role of the FDA, and how to remove the opaque restrictions of this super supplement. For more about Jody, the hemp plant, and the HIA, listen to the full episode here.


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