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The Sustainability Evangelist: Bringing Transparency to CBD and Food

Getting Transparent with Karil Kochenderfer

Karil Kochenderfer was the latest guest on the Getting Transparent podcast. Karil joins Joe Witte, the Vice President of Ecosystems & Partnerships at TagOne, as they discuss the push for food sustainability, and how companies can work towards implementing transparency initiatives.

Karil brings a lifelong commitment to implementing and being a champion for transparency initiatives in food, supplements and now CBD, starting with her tenure at the Grocery Manufacturers Association, and also at the Consumer Goods Forum, with many roles in between that had her in front of Congress, UN, FDA and providing consulting for MARS, P&G and GS1.

In this podcast, Karil and Joe cover such topics as:

“When you see the story that in the QR Code, when you hear the traceability journey that companies go through, these are really compelling stories...”, says Karil Kochenderfer

To hear more insights, and learn about Karil’s story and vision, please listen to the podcast here or watch the video on YouTube here.


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