QR Codes for CBD and Hemp Products: Why You Need Them (Legally) and How They Can Help You

(Updated August 11, 2020)

WHAT STATES ARE QR CODES FOR CBD LEGALLY REQUIRED? States such as Indiana, Texas, Utah (Bar or QR), Florida (Bar or QR), New York and Oregon(Bar or QR) all made it obligatory to include a QR code on CBD products. The QR code (when scanned) should include important information including levels of THC present in the product (which must be below .3%), percentage of CBD present, product ingredients and the certificate of analysis (CofA). Additional information required includes batch or lot number, product name (duh), batch date, expiration date (in Indiana, this must be not more than 2 years from date of manufacture), batch size, total quantity produced and manufacturers phone and email information.

Hemp CBD bottle

HOW COULD QR CODES IMPACT THE CBD INDUSTRY: Besides the fact that many states are requiring QcodesR on CBD labels, QR codes could also be an important factor in helping build trust between CBD companies and consumers. Recent studies showed that many CBD companies have little to no CBD in them, leading to confusion and skepticism among consumers. TagOne’s QR code solution shows full traceability from “seed to sale” answering a common question consumers ask, “where did this come from.” Additionally, you can include CofA’s, safety information and videos, will help build much needed trust. As more companies adopt best practices and transparency initiatives, consumers will be more confident in CBD products, resulting in an increase in global sales.

HOW CAN IT HELP YOUR BUSINESS?: QR codes make it easier for consumers to know the source and safety of your product with a simple scan. QR codes can serve as effective sales tools to differentiate your CBD company not only with consumers, but also with retailers who are trying to discern which brands to put on their shelves. Not only does it improve customer engagement, but it also builds a transparent image for your company.


Our platform, TagOne:Connect, simplifies the QR code creation process and delivers an easy to read, mobile and web friendly link that you can put on your label, as well as your website. Our QR codes are dynamic, allowing you to update data without having to change the code or label. Other key features include:

  • A “traceability map” where users can see the source (grown, manufactured, etc.)

  • CofA (certificate of analysis)- which can be share either the original PDF, or in an easy to view format that consumers can understand

  • Product ingredients and safety information

  • Share company certifications (organic, non-GMO, etc.)

  • Social media

  • Videos and photos

  • E-commerce

To see an example of TagOne:Engage’s QR code experience, use your phone’s camera to scan the QR code here (note: don’t take a picture, just hover the camera above the code):

QR code scanning

This will take you to our client Bee K’oncsious’s mobile responsive page. To read more about the impact end to end transparency has had on this honey company, read here: https://theweekendjaunts.com/bee-konscious-artisanal-honey/