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TagOne’s CEO Presents Supply Chain Insights at NBJ Summit

TJ Gupta shares how integrating a supply chain will deliver significant results T.J. Gupta, CEO, TagOne was invited as a speaker in order to provide expertise on “How Blockchain can address Supply Chain Transparency in the Natural Foods Industry,” at the NBJ Summit (July 15-18, 2019), held at Rancho Palos, CA.

NBJ Summit

TJ addressed various concerns of traceability and transparency in the dietary supplement industry including demystifying the complex world of Blockchain and showcasing its relevance in supply chain management. Surprisingly, Gupta strayed from the necessity of integrating blockchain and asked the CEO's and leaders in the group to focus on something bigger. "Blockchain is not the answer. It must start with a commitment to your companies transparency." Sharing the platform with other leaders, Gupta also talked about how industry challenges such as tangled global logistics, increased adulteration, and lack of first-mile data collection could be addressed today with emerging technologies including TagOne’s suite of solutions. He went on to share that not only does this benefit a companies operation, but also consumers are demanding to know where their products came from. “Consumers today are more likely to purchase brands that share similar values pertaining to sustainable harvesting and manufacturing, the use of pure, safe products and employee equity. We can no longer make a promise and put it on paper. We have to have provenance in our organisations to build trust with customers.” Expanding on the complexities facing the natural food industry, Gupta explained how multiple individual transactions globally can quickly lead to a complex supply chain. And having the ability to conduct track and trace, and recalls and returns is very difficult and puts companies at risk. TagOne has developed three modules to help solve these challenges: TagOne: HarvestTagOne Harvest, an Android based mobile solution with a pre-built drop down menu which ensures easy usage for farmers to capture farm and crop information at the inception of supply chain. TagOne: EnterpriseTagOne’s Enterprise, the core technology suite which manages the complex supply chain of suppliers, ingredients, documentation, buyers- and more, providing the core of your integrated supply chain system. TagOne:Engage TagOne Engage mobile application that allows brands to share their product source, science and safety while building better relationships with consumers. The NBJ Summit, 2019 focused on the subject of Collaboration and Community: Learning from Our Collective Successes and Failures to Co-Create a Thriving Nutrition Industry. Discussions explored topics including The State of the U.S. and Global Nutrition Industry, Personalised Lifestyle Nutrition, Evolving Challenges & Opportunities in Hemp and CBD and Disruption in Omni-channel Distribution. Some of the leading industry experts attending included Angela McElwee, President, Gaia Herbs, BJ Fogg, Ph.D., Leading Behavior Scientist, Stanford University, William Hood, Managing Director, William Hood & Company, Jim Emme, CEO, NOW Health Group and more.


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