Oct 9, 2020

Getting Transparent: Veteran, Cannabis Leader & Entrepreneur. James Brobyn (CEO of American Fiber)

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

James Brobyn, ex-Marine and CEO of American Fiber is our second guest on "Getting Transparent".

On this episode of Getting Transparent, host Joe Witte sits down with veteran cannabis entrepreneur, James Brobyn. James, a United States Marine Corps veteran and officer, currently serves as CEO of American Fiber, and was previously the Executive Director at veteran non-profit, The Travis Manion Foundation. Brobyn shares his path into the CBD and MMJ industry, how his military experience has shaped his view of entrepreneurship, and the importance of transparency in the cannabis industry. Brobyn also opens up about his personal transition from military life to civilian life, how CBD has helped him and other veterans post-service, and why trust is the foundation for both relationship and business success. 

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00:01:15 MMJ and CBD Today

00:02:38 Reasons for entering the CBD and MMJ Industry

00:07:41 Military and Entrepreneurship

00:10:40 Non-Profits and Volunteers

00:12:12 Transition from Military to Civilian Life

00:17:30 The Art of Leadership is being Lost

00:22:19 The Servant Leader

00:22:59 MMJ and PTS (PTSD)

00:31:00 Challenges in the Cannabis Industry

00:35:20 Progress of CBD and Regulations

00:41:00 Supply Chain Transparency is Important for the Industry

00:45:20 Trust is the Foundation

00:47:00 Brobyn's Transparency 10