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Getting Transparent: Can Blockchain Save Our Food Supply Chain?

TJ Gupta, CEO of TagOne is our first guest on "Getting Transparent"

TJ Gupta, CEO and Co-founder of TagOne, joins guest host Joe Witte on "Getting Transparent". TJ shares his story on what brought him into tech traceability and how he saw a need for it to be implemented in the food industry. TJ also talks about what brought him to America, what drives his mission to provide better visibility into the food industry, and even some talk on Iron Maiden. TJ's passion is rooted in care for the consumer, as he believes that transparency and quality products are the best ways we can care for people.

00:01:28 TJ's beginnings in track and trace

00:04:21 TJ's entrepreneurship

00:08:00 Something's wrong in the food supply chain

00:11:23 Pesticides in India and the broader implications

00:17:00 TagOne technology

00:21:18 Barriers against track and trace acceptance

00:24:07 Blockchain and good data

00:26:00 Getting to know TJ; Iron Maiden and Rock

00:29:27 TJ in The States

00:31:36 The cost of transparency: consumers drive change

00:36:54 Quality is a concern

00:40:10 The future of food and TagOne


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