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The Supplement and CBD Advisor: Bridging the Regulatory and Marketing Gap (Asa Waldstein)

Marketing claims for Supplements and CBD

In this episode of Getting Transparent, Asa Waldstein, Founder and Principal of Supplement Advisory Group joins host Joe Witte to discuss the intersection of FDA regulations and marketing claims in the supplement and CBD industries. In addition to running his own advisory firm, Asa serves at the Cannabis Committee Chair, and on the Sustainability Committee for the American Herbal Products Association. Asa also founded the Supplement and Hemp Education Series and has extensive education in botany and is a certified clinical herbalist. And just as important, Asa is an avid hiker, skier and Grateful Dead fan!

In this podcast episode, Asa shares wisdom on some of the following topics:

  • How making certain marketing claims for your supplements and CBD can put your company at risk

  • The unforeseen risks of FDA warning letters

  • Managing claims on social media and blogs (and how to avoid FDA issues)

  • Preparing for FDA audits

“Regulatory compliance does not have to be scary…by reading enforcement trends, we’re then able to change our marketing approach in a way that can authentically connect with consumers, but can also keep us out of trouble.” - Asa Waldstein.

Asa Waldstein can be reached at:

To hear more insights, and learn about Asa’s path to starting his own firm, please listen to the podcast here or watch on YouTube here.


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