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Transparency Avengers, Assemble!

Trinanjan Gupta(TJ)-CEO

TagOne is on a mission to build a community filled with like-minded agents of change who value the power that true traceability across the supply chain can provide our society. Think of us as the Nick Fury of transparency, trying to assemble a team of superheroes who use food sourcing, ingredient tracing, and educating consumers as their superpowers.

One of the biggest threats we face today in protecting our families is the lack of knowledge surrounding the food and products we all consume. Tony Stark wanted to put a suit of armor around the world; we want to put a suit of armor around our food supply.

It all starts with our first line of defense, the farmers. Our TagOne Cultivate platform collects operational data across the crop cycle and fully integrates that information into your supply chain system. Capturing information from inception enables you to have complete visibility in your ingredient quality and build customer trust in your product.

Next comes the Tesseract or powerhouse of our solution, TagOne Enterprise. Enterprise is our cloud-based Traceability Management System that supports your company in streamlining supply chain operations, addressing regulatory and quality challenges, and accurately tracking and tracing your ingredients. This is how we capture transactional data across the supply chain.

Finally, TagOne Engage is our consumer engagement platform which acts as our secret weapon. Iron Man had Jarvis; TagOne has Engage. With Engage, companies can demonstrate their full value, share why their product is truly spectacular, and differentiate from competitors with as much creativity as they can imagine. By scanning our Trust Tag, consumers are not simply shown a product label, they are brought into it. Information here can be updated in real-time with rotating content and cross-selling opportunities. It’s not just a place to tell your story, but to show it.

So, do you feel the call? Join us on the path to provide full end-to-end traceability on the food and natural product supply chain and defeat the enemy. Protect our families from harmful contents found in our food supply.

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