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The Organic Farmer: Connecting People & Plants using QR Codes (Eric Vander Hyde Barefoot Botanicals)

There is integrity in traceability.

Quotation by Eric Vander Hyde

Traceability gives your company integrity in ways you may have never realised before. Eric Vander Hyde, Co-Owner of Barefoot Botanicals in Doylestown, PA, knows this all too well. Eric joins this episode of Getting Transparent to discuss his journey in organic farming and the arduous learning process that typically accompanies it. There have been many set-backs along his journey and many instances where he had to fail before success was possible.

Like many great entrepreneurs, however, this is where innovation and unique solutions come into play. One of these solutions for Barefoot has been leveraging the power of TagOne's QR code technology to allow consumers to see his products for what they really are. With the scan of a QR code, Eric's customers can see the recipe, the ingredients and the farm that contribute to the very product in their hand.

For the full episode and more on Eric's story, listen here or anywhere you get your podcasts.


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