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Introduction to TagOne

It always seems impossible until it is done. A thought that resonates with all visionaries. Among the innumerable challenges facing modern society, of paramount importance, is health.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to fight the unknown demons mushrooming every corner of the world in forms of unknown diseases. While social sectors are struggling with longevity issues, a quick glance at our daily lifestyle could add a whole new dimension to healthy living. Countless diet plans, expensive gym memberships and exotic supplements hold the promise of an euphoric world. An inescapable mirage. Matter of time; the bubble bursts, leaving a questionable dent in our pockets. Matters need to be addressed at the grass-root levels. And with the advent of technology in every sphere of life, it was but natural for visionaries to walk this path. Integration of global resources to make a difference in the world of natural products is a vision which captured the minds of Trinanjan Gupta and Manish Gupta, co-founders of TagOne. They worked on a delivery supply chain transparency system which introduced radical changes in the way markets worked. As consumers are increasingly becoming conscious of risks involved in buying fake products, there is an urgent need to address these loopholes in the system. Conceived as a game changer, blockchain-enabled technology could have far reaching consequences which can revolutionise the market polarities. Equipped with facts about the products, a conscious customer would never hesitate to invest a little extra on purchasing the right product. Tracking ingredients right down to the farmers from any part of the world, is what TagOne offers. It was not an easy task. Multiple complexities of the industry initiated intense research to break down the barriers. While it posed as an interesting business opportunity, what really fuelled the minds of the business partners were some critical health issues, in their real life. They attributed them as a direct fallout of unhealthy food intake. The need to find an answer to this menace became the driving force for the TagOne team. A clear transparent system which led to safe and trustworthy products was a vision they worked towards, relentlessly.A dream which has manifested in TagOne solutions, addressing the various sectors of markets in the supply chain management system.


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